Q. Who are We?
A. We are an Honest and Reliable Business and It is True...  We Give Away a Flight Airline Gift Cards to Strangers every Month Just for Signing Up!!

Q. So Whats the Catch?
A. No Catch at all. This is an Initiative to Spur up Tourism and to enrich the lives who don't get out and fly that much.

Q. How do you pay for the Flight Giveaways?
A. Viral Awareness and clicking on Google Ads are really the Life Blood for this site and the more people who Like and Share us is what really helps to pay for the Monthly Gift Card Airline Vouchers.

Q. Will you be offering more frequent Vouchers?
A. Yes in time we would love to offer higher amount prizes to more people in America.

Q. Can I win more than Once?
A. Unfortunately your Email will be removed from the System Draw so that others can have a chance of winning the Monthly Flight Giveaway Contest.

Q. Do I have to keep signing up every Month for the next Giveaway?
A. No. Once you sign up once you will be in the system and always included into the next Draw until you Win.

Q. Is there a time limit to use the Prize?
A. Yes You have 12 months from Draw Date to use your Flight Gift Cards.

If you would like more info in regards to the RULES please view this page.

Hope this Helps 🙂