Travel Gift Cards and Vacation Gift Cards are an easy solution to access if you are stuck finding that last minute gift for that special person in your life.
Businesses use them all the time for promotional purposes, Gift Cards for Brand awareness... But what happens when a website is giving you a chance to Win a Gift Card for Free! Should this site be trusted and How to know if Business Gift Card Giveaways are real or not.
My first assumption would be to see if this sight has any social backing and to see if any one else has been awarded a gift card once they have given away their email address.
Most honest businesses have a detailed Terms or Rules page giving an insight on who they are and what they are offering or another way to see if the Travel Gift Cards are real in this day and age is to see if there are Fanpages and some type of following with social engagement.
One such website that is claiming to give away a Gift Card is that give the entrant an ongoing Free Entry to Win a Flight Travel Gift Card every month just for signing up which at first I thought what's the catch but once I viewed who they are and read about them it was evident that they are real and entered to win.  Once entered I went through a secure email verification and conformation email stating that I am now entered into the monthly draw for the Gift Card.

As they say you have to be in it to win it.